#Not Buying It

There’s nothing I love more than a boycott but, at this rate, I won’t be able to shop anywhere.  That’ll show them multi-national, capitalist corporations.  

Comment below or post on the EFC Facebook page to add to the boycott list.  


Blue Inc.  For children?  This t-shirt is for children?!  

Bp1bExOCUAER3ah.jpg-large           twisted-soul-mens-white-england-football-girl-print-t-shirt-p20356-22106_medium

UPDATE!  At least one other person is annoyed by this too.  So annoyed, they’ve made a petition: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/ban-blue-inc-t-shirts-from-stores?bucket&source=facebook-share-button&time=1402510508


Clinton Cards.  This is funny because ladies talk a lot and men find that really annoying.  Women, eh?  They don’t half go on.  My mate Carrie found this one.



MoonPig.  This is funny because ladies are rubbish at driving.  So rubbish that they have less accidents and driving violations than men . . . . My mate Lynsey found this one.



Burtons.  This one is totally acceptable because women’s heads are the least interesting thing about them so need to include that.  ‘Shoot’ and ‘Score’ are funny because they’re a bit like talking about sexy stuff; word play on a par with Oscar Wilde right there.  Elysia found this one.



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