You wait ages for some Soup and then two come along at once . . .

Got a good idea that needs a bit of funding? Enjoy a bowl of soup every now and again? Fancy meeting lots of people doing good and decent things for their local community? Then Soup is just the thing for you!

The idea is simple: turn up and make a donation, listen to people pitch their ideas, eat some soup, vote for your favourite idea and watch the winner pocket the cash.

There were two Soups in Essex in March: Southend and Colchester. Essex Feminist Collective pitched at both. And failed at both. But ate soup at both so ‘s all good!

Southend Soup was help on Sunday 8th March which also happened to be International Women’s Day so Wonder Woman face-painting was the order of the day. Here’s Sherry, awesome Soup organiser, rocking the look. If you’ve never been in a room with 5 Wonder Women, a Spider Girl, two puppies and a tiger, it’s recommended.


I was convinced the Essex Feminist Collective pitch was on to a winner until Hannah pitched her idea after me. If you’ve never been proper shown up by an 8 year old who has memorised her speech and wants to enable all children to embrace their unique selves, it’s recommended too. Add the other so-called members of your so-called Collective telling you that you don’t have a hope now and you’re good to go. See how people are straining too see Hannah? That’s how good she was.


Though I wish I could brood moodily about it all, Hannah was definitely the worthy winner of the donations and she even carried out some feminist research for me during the break for soup. It’s good to know that, of the people surveyed, 86% think that men and women should be paid equally for doing the same job. Really, watch out for Hannah, I think she’ll take over the world one day and I for one plan to be on her side.


All in all, a marvellous day was had by all. As well as humiliation, there was amazing vegan soup, magic, escapology and intense political debate!

You can see a full write up of Southend Soup here:

And you can find a swanky, professional write up of Colchester Soup here:

Information about upcoming Soup events can be found here:

I whole-heartedly recommend getting some Essex Soup into your lives!

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