Giving Essex a Feminist voice

Essex Feminist Collective was set up in October 2013 by a group of like minded women who wanted to create a women only safe space for the purpose of discussion, learning and campaigning around feminist issues.

The core principles of the group are as follows;
We are open to all that self-identify as women
We are anti-porn culture and anti-sex industry
We are pro-choice
Our meetings;
Will combine discussion, learning and campaigning. It may be appropriate that the focus is at times more on one area than another but details will always be advertised in advance via our Facebook page and our twitter account @EssexFemCollect
Suggestions for speakers are always welcome and please send these to Elisa at
We will ask for voluntary contributions at meetings in order to cover the costs of room bookings and speakers.
We ask that everybody takes responsibility for their contributions in meetings and given that some areas of discussion may be contentious, that all discussion is respectful.
Any surplus funds will go into a dedicated bank account and will be used for future speakers, campaigns and materials. Our treasurers are Jenni Tinsley-Hall and Louise Reader.
If anybody has any idea about fundraising or sponsors please contact either of the above via the Essex Feminist email.
All ideas for campaigns are discussed in an open forum and majority views will determine what we support. However we will endeavour to support all ideas.
Social Media;
We have a Facebook Page which is a closed group. The purpose of this is to keep this as a safe space and to encourage open discussion. Membership and posts have to be approved therefore but this is done in line with our core principles and is not ‘policed’ with personal bias.
All requests to join the Facebook group are therefore taken in good faith.
Information will also be distributed via our Twitter feed .
Whilst outside of the Treasurers there are no defined roles, there has to be facilitators in order for the group to be effective and active. At this time these are the people that were involved in the setting up of the group however if anybody wants to be more active in any way i.e wants to chair a meeting or lead a campaign, we are of course open to this.
We also acknowledge that the principles of this group will not suit everybody’s needs and we would actively support women if they wanted to set up a group more appropriate to them.

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Giving Essex a Feminist voice

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