What are they selling, exactly?


There’s been a few adverts lately that have seemed to comment on  negative stereotyping of girls and women.  Now, I say seemed to because I’m not sure what they’re really trying to achieve here.

Some are pretty easy for me to just dislike.  The Pantene ad, for example, is all well and feminist until the final shots which, to me, undermine the whole message: “Destroy those pesky stereotypes that are holding you back . . . but make sure your hair looks nice while you do it”.

A couple of others are a bit more confusing though.  Have a look at these two adverts, one for Always sanitary products and the other for Verizon communications.  I like them.  Especially the girl in the pink dress in the Always ad who legs it across the screen.  But aren’t they still just selling us stuff?  

Do they really care about these issues or have they twigged on that being a bit feminist might sell their stuff?  Should that matter to me as long as the message is sort of getting out there to a wider audience?  It’s like the Spice Girls all over again: not my kind of feminism but if it gets young girls thinking about it who cares?

If you know of any other adverts like this, let me know, I do like to collect things!